In the electricity grid, the electrons produced by a thermal or nuclear power station are not differentiable with those produced by a hydro, solar or wind power plant and it is economically not possible to provide an electricity grid specific to green electricity.

However, to ensure that the electricity supplied is green, a System of Guarantees of Origin has been put in place by the European and French authorities.

A guarantee of origin is an electronic document certifying the origin of the electricity supplied by a renewable production unit or cogeneration unit. Guarantees of origin trace the green energy from the producer to the final consumer, ensuring transparency of the source of electricity to the end consumers. The purchase is made in France or in the European Union.

OVO Energy will therefore buy certificates of Guarantees of Origin in the same proportions as the one you have consumed. This officially certifies that all the electricity you consume at OVO Energy has been produced in the same quantities by green energy sources and has been injected into the grid.

Guarantees of Origin purchased will be on France and Hydraulic energy.

The System of Guarantees of Origin, to inject green electricity into the network, will gradually eliminate the "non-green" energies.

So, as a consumer, you are taking a first step in the ecological transition.