Your invoice is composed of :

  • The price of your subscription (including all the different taxes due),
  • The price of your electricity consumption (kWh).

Rates and prices include VAT (5.5% on the monthly subscription and 20% on kWh), CSPE (Contribution to the Public Electricity Service), taxes on final electricity consumption (communal and departmental taxes) (1) and CTA (Tariff Contribution of Routing). (1) Local taxes include departmental and communal taxes. These departmental taxes and municipalities vary respectively from € 1.5 to € 3.23 per MWh and from € 0 to € 6.46 per MWh, depending on the in which the customer's consumption site is located. In order to present prices to the client, OVO Energy selected the price of € 3.23 per MWh for the departmental tax and € 6.46 per MWh for the municipal tax, it being understood that each local tax applied to the customer will be the one to which he is actually subject, depending on its geographical location.

You have also received by e-mail at the time of your subscription our price list per kWh per meter power, also available from our website: Estimate my savings