First reflex: make sure the power cut only affects your home.

If the failure is general, the network manager Enedis must already be aware and must currently work to restore electricity as soon as possible.

The failure seems to come from your electric meter: it is Enedis who is in charge of ensuring the electrical repairs at the meter. It is a service available 24/24, call 09 72 67 50 followed by the two figures of your department.

If at the time of the power cut, several energy-consuming appliances are in use (heating, electric oven, hob, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher), turn them all off and turn them on again .

The installation trips again by switching on one of the devices: you have just identified the equipment that makes the system trip. Do not use it until a professional comes to repair it and / or check your electrical installation.

The installation trips after all devices have been turned on: the power of your meter may be underestimated, contact our customer service at: +33 (0) 1 86 76 13 48.