• A benefit of having a LINKY meter is that it automatically sends regular meter readings to the energy network. It's usually not necessary to take a meter reading during the switching process if you have this type of meter. However, we do recommend noting the meter reading used on the cancellation invoice to ensure it is correct.

  • In the case of a meter other than the LINKY (electromechanical and electronic meters): today when a consumer changes supplier, the new supplier activates his contract with Enedis who established the index as of activation. The former supplier must then refer to this index in order to establish the customer's cancellation bill.

In the case of an index undervalued or evaluated by Enedis, the new supplier will pass on the difference to the customer on the accrual invoice.

In the case of an Enedis index different from the one on the cancellation invoice, the new supplier is in a position to challenge the former supplier.

In all cases the rights of the consumers are respected.